Maxine is a 9 yr old, German Shepard that was brought to AFP after being taken from a hoarding situation in Buckeye, AZ.  She was living with 110+ animals and was forced to fend for herself outdoors with donkeys and other farm animals. She had never been socialized and was scared of humans and being touched. 

Maxine has hip dysplasia and isn't able to do all the fun things she wants to do - we suspect she's had this condition for most of her life. 

Maxine is a candidate for double FHO surgeries that will cost $4,000. After the surgeries Maxine will be able to live out her golden years pain free. Whoever adopts Maxine will likely have to continue to do a lot of PT at home with her to make sure her muscles continue to strengthen. We are confident she will recover from the surgery great because she has such a mellow personality and prefers to relax and lounge around. 

Maxine needs a family who understands that her hips and pain will likely need to be carefully managed for the rest of her life.