Angels for Paws seeks permanent, loving homes where our rescued dogs and cats can live  long, happy and healthy lives as part of a family. Adoptive families MUST agree to keep this animal as a pet and companion. The pet is to be primarily indoors in order to be a part of the family. Adoptive families must agree that dogs will be confined in a securely fenced yard or restrained on a leash at all times when outdoors. 

It is a condition of adoption that should the adoption be unsuccessful for any reason, the pet is to be returned to Angels for Paws Animal Rescue Services to find the right home. 

Angels for Paws Adoptions include the following:

1.    All Pets Will be Spayed or Neutered and 
       EXCEPTION: Puppies who are too young (5 months or younger) – This will be the owner’s responsibility to take their new pet to a

       AFP affiliated vet to complete this procedure. AFP will be responsible for the costs of a spay/neuter – No other costs

       (implied or not) will be paid for by AFP. If microchip implantation is still needed, AFP will cover this at time of spay/neuter.

2.     All Pets Will Be Current On Vaccinations:

        EXCEPTION: Puppies who are too young for rabies and final vaccinations will be the owner’s responsibility to take their new

        pet to an AFP approved vet. AFP will be responsible for the costs of vaccinations.  AFP only provides vaccinations that are appropriate for the              age of the dog at time of adoption.  ** Vet appointments that AFP is paying for must be told to a board member at least one week prior. This is          to ensure proper  payment arrangements can be made **​

Your adoption donation includes:

  • Vet Evaluation
  • Microchip
  • Flea & Tick Treatment
  • Dewormer/Fecal Exam
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Appropriate Vaccinations (based on age)
  • Private training session(s) 

Although AFP does their best to maintain a healthy environment, there are NO expressed or implied guarantees relative to the health or temperament of the animal.

Conditions of Adoption :  

All members of the household must be present and seen interacting with the animal they wish to adopt, especially children – This is known as a home check. This is important not only for safety, but to see how the pet interacts with all members of their potential new family. 

If the family includes existing dog(s) and they plan to adopt a dog from AFP, they must bring their dog(s) for a supervised introduction.  Potential adoptive families must fill out an adoption application.

Adoptive Families Must 
> Be at least 21 years of age 
> Provide a valid Drivers License 
> Be willing to allow an authorized representative of AFP to inspect the home prior.
> Be willing to allow an authorized representative of AFP to conduct an adoption follow-up.
> Be willing and able to provide the adopted pet with proper diet, housing, veterinary care, yearly vaccinations, heartworm 

   preventative and flea treatment for the rest of its natural life.
> Agree to comply with all City, County, State and Federal laws governing animals.
> Read carefully the terms of our adoption agreement and be willing to agree to the terms of the contract.

Special Note from AFP:
Decisions on placing dogs in adoptive & foster homes are based solely on the judgment of Angels for Paws. Adoption or foster applications may be denied for various reasons. AFP reserves the right to refuse to adopt or foster to anyone without disclosing the reasons, as well as, make all decisions regarding placement or final arrangement(s) of any rescued dog in its care; whether in or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home.

Angels For Paws Animal Rescue Services reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason.

Please email application to :

After submitting this application, please allow 24-72 hours for us to contact you.